Systematic and massive detection of SARS-CoV-2 with PCR

ADNucleis aims is to standardized the use of real time PCR through the help of an affordable cost of reagents and tool.

That’s why focus our efforts for 15 years to create systems which bring real time PCR accessible for most laboratories on the planet.

SEQUENCE automate is now compatible with our Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) detection kit, working directly form saliva sample, inside a whole range of detection including influenza and respiratory virus.

SEQUENCE follows point-of-care diagnostic strategy for every medical structures and laboratories, at an affordable cost.

    About ADNucleis

    Founded in 2007 by Pr Michel FRANCK, ADNucleis is in the conception of diagnostics solutions. Focused on developing affordable in-vitro diagnostic kit for Human Health, Animal health, and Food quality, ADNucleis is positioned with a brand diagnostic PCR reagents kits solution compatible with most of the PCR systems on the market.

    Some of our main detection kits:

    Human health : Coronavirus, Influenza, respiratory virus, Lyme, CBEU, Antibiotics resistance

    Animal Health : PRRSV, Mastitis, QFever, Lyme…

    Food quality : Hygien indicators including E.coli, pseudomonas, total flora…

    Supported by the Ministry of Research (every year since 2007), Europe in 2012 (Susclean project), the Ministry of Industry (since 2014), the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region (since 2015) and BPI France (since 2008 via Oséo), ADNucleis never stopped to innovate by making real time PCR an affordable and easy-to-use technical.

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