Starting the QPCR program Taqman template

Rev 1.0 (29/06/2017)

How to run the QPCR Mx pro device:

  • Click the MxPro icon
  • A new window opens. Select “Quantitative PCR (multiple standards), then click OK. If the software is already opened, then click File -> New -> Quantitative PCR.
  • A new window opens -> do you wish to use Quantitative PCR plate setup adnucleis , click YES
  • The following windw opens -> do you wish to use Quantitative PCR Thermal Profile Setup, click YES.
  • Start the halogen lamp (for Mxpro QPCR device)

  • The lamp takes 20 min to warm up.
  • You can check the thermal profile by clicking on the tab Thermal Profile Setup. The thermal profile should be as follows: 95°C for 5:00 min, 42 cycles at 95°C during 0:10 sec / 60°C during 0:40 sec, then a step at 25°C for 2:00 min.
  • When the lamp is warmed up, click the RUN button.

  • On the RUN window, click “Start”  and name the file
  • Click “Save”.

The QPCR program starts (1h15 min)

  • When the run is done, save the data and export the data in excel file to be uploaded to ADN_SOFT :
  • Click on “Analysis” button

  • Click File->Export Instrument Data -> …To Excel ->Format 1…

  • Save the file and close it before to upload it into ADN_SOFT.
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