SEQUENCE PRO ™ offers in-house quantitative PCR testing with a continuous workflow for every point of cares.

DNA/RNA extractor and real time PCR on a single machine
Flexible use by sample introducing at any time.
Compact benchtop tool, it reduces diagnostic time and improves rapid Decision-making with traceability and reliability of results.

SEQUENCE PRO ™ works by just-in-time input.

You can now provide clinical insights with the highest level of accuracy.

Quick Start Guide

Specifications :

InterfaceAccessible from tablet, smartphone and PC (analyses in progress, results, analysis programming …)  

Differentiated access for users with rights monitoring
Amplification PCR Kit
Each target is supplied within a 4-strip.
Up to 4 targets (4 x 4-strip) per sample insertion .
Wide range of tests with 300 real time PCR kits including high sensitivity Covid-19 (3 targeted), influenza, RSV, Bordetella…
Extraction purification Kit
The 8-strip extraction purification kit consists of
– a chemical reagent for lysis, combined with thermical lysis performed by Sequence Pro.
– precipitation buffer and magnetic silica microbeads for DNA/RNA adsorption
– 3 washing buffers to remove impurities
– Elution buffer to capture DNA/RNA before dispense to PCR machine
Flow – time extraction purification and PCR amplification
For water – saliva – nasopharyngeal samples: Up to 56 samples / day with the mono real time PCR (16 wells dual channels) and 112 samples / day with the double real time PCR (32 wells dual channels). In case of the use of Direct SARS-CoV-2 kit, this throughput is doubled to reach 224 samples a day.

For blood – urine – skin samples: Up to 54 samples / day (up to 9 samples every 90 min ). First result in 2h, continuous flow after 2 min .

Pathogen analysis time / sample = 3h
Optional: additional analysis antibiotic resistance = +1h30
Data exchange formatText (.txt), Excel (.csv, .xlsx), LibreOffice Calc (.ods)
DetailsArm movements X Y Z accuracy < 0.1 mm (compatible plates 384)
Pipetting technologyOpen with your own calibrated pipet   Optional
ConnectivityUSB, WiFi, Ethernet
MaintenanceThe calibration of the pipettes can be performed by ADNucléis on request or by the manufacturer of the mounted pipette.
Size – Weight63 cm * 65 cm * 65 cm – 49 Kg
Power requirement110 – 250 V / 50 – 60 Hz
CE label compliance statements EC 61010-1: 2001  
61010-2-81: 2001 / A1: 2003
61010-2-010: 2003
62304: 2006
62366-1: 2015

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    SEQUENCE PRO ™ real time PCR systemHQS_SEQ
    Extraction purification strip (for 1 sample)HQS_EP_SEQ
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    DeepWell plate 96 wellsHQS_DW_SEQ
    Tips box 96HQS_TIPS_SEQ