DIRECT SARS-CoV2 One-step detection kit and SEQUENCE PRO™

DIRECT SARS-CoV2 One-step detection kit

  • Kit working without purification: 5 min lysis step.
  • One-step kit: Reverse Transcription RT and PCR amplification in one step
  • Easier handling, less training required and reduced operator risk.
  • Ready-to-use kit: Packaged to fit the SEQUENCE PROTM.
  • Targets: 2 SARS-CoV2 specific sequences in the N and RdRp genes, and one sequence in the beta-
  • actin gene as an internal extraction and amplification control.
  • Transport: International delivery in positive cold
  • Storage: -20°C upon receipt


  • Compact benchtop tool compatible with Adnucleis’ SARS-CoV2 One-Step DIRECT detection KIT.
  • Open and sustainable system of open source hardware and software bricks.
  • DNA/RNA extraction and real-time PCR on one machine (All In One).
  • Flexible use by non-expert personnel thanks to the introduction of samples at any time.
  • Up to 72 samples / day (up to 16 samples every 90 minutes because of the absence of purification)
  • First results in 2 hours, continuous flow after 2 minutes
  • Reduced diagnostic time: fast decision making
  • Traceability management and reliability of results.

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