SEQUENCE PREP – Programmable pipetting robot


  • Open and programmable system based on open source hardware and software bricks
  • Interoperability with laboratory software and hardware systems
  • Interoperability with all real-time PCR reagents on the market
  • Traceability management from sample tubes to SBS format plates
  • Automatic generation of PCR plate plans by a barcode scan integrated in the device

SEQUENCE PREP ™  is pre-programmed to:

  • Transfer of samples to SBS plates (up to 96 in 30mn)
  • Preparation of 96-well extraction purification plates, preparation of 96 or 384 PCR plates.   

Programmable for an infinite number of other protocols.



Accessible from tablet, smartphone and PC


PCR kits

Interoperable with all PCR reagents on the market


Sample transfer to SBS plates  
Plate preparation
PCR Setup

SAMPLES TRANSFER TO MICROPLAQUE 96: example 30 mn to put 96 covid samples (greiner tube type) to a DeepWell 96 + 10mn to add the lysis (previously put), the beads and the binding.   

PREPARATION OF PLATES 96 FOR EXTRACTION PURIFICATION: 12 mn to prepare plates 96 in wash1, wash2 wash3 and elution.  

PCR 96 PLATE PREPARATION: 15mn to prepare the PCR 96 plate (eluted RNA + mastermix)


Exchange format

Text (.txt), Excel (.csv, .xlsx), LibreOffice Calc (.ods)



Arm movements X Y Z precision < 0.1 mm (compatible with 384 plates)


Pipetting technology

Calibrated pipettes including annual maintenance. Compatible with standard tips.



Automated + manual barcode scanner
Screen – keyboard – mouse in addition to the touch screen
Aluminum carrier for 4 trays of 50ml
Carrier 24 tubes of 2ml
Microplate and deepwell carrier
Tips carrier
Worktop 15 position



USB, WiFi, Ethernet



Annual preventive maintenance included in the rental.


Size – Weight

63 cm * 63 cm * 63 cm – 35 Kg


Required power

110 – 250 V / 50 – 60 Hz


EC Declaration of Conformity

EC 61010-1: 2001 61010-2-81: 2001 / A1: 2003
61010-2-010: 2003
62366-1: 2015
62304: 2006

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