DNA or RNA Extraction & Purification with pipetting robot

  • Compatible with most of extraction – purification kits available on the market, including ADNucleis E-P kits (microbeads or columns)
  • With or without tips
  • Low or High throughput
  • Including thermostated and/or homogenizer modules, controlled by the automate.

Setup PCR

Robotized Setup PCR allows :

  1. Traceability of the tests
  2. Traceability of the pipetting operations
  3. No more pipetting errors !

Features :

  • From one to multiple sample plates
  • Until 6 PCR plates per  run
  • Until 6 targets / PCR mastermix PCR différents par plaque PCR

Open software interface, with in & output with .txt, .xls, .csv files

  1. Sample names on plate layout


2. Selection of the PCR target per sample


ADNucleis operates with most common robotics platforms on the market.

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