Results analysis using ADN_SOFT

Rev 1.0 (07/07/2017)

After opening ADN_SOFT

  • Click the “Import” button and follow the instructions.
  • Results will be displayed in two tabs. On on tab, results are displayed in a PCR plate view. On the other tab, results are displayed as a list.
  • Check in the “controls” tab that the positive, negative, IPC controls are ok.
  • Save the file as archive (Save As…)
  • Data can be exported in readable excel file (.xlsx)

NB : In case of a sample inhibition (“INHIB” ), follow the procedure below :
Dilute manually the RNA from the sample plate using the elution buffer. Add this diluted RNA in the next plate of extracted sample you want to test with the amplification mix. Please write this new sample in the plate layout of ADN_SOFT for the preparation of the nex PCR plate.

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