POCT Project

POCT Project-07/02/2021

POCT (Point Of Care Test)

ADNucléis designs PCR diagnostic solutions and automated systems.

Since its creation in 2007, the company’s objective has been the difusion of the PCR

technique and the industrialisation of processes to make it more acceptable to users.

Project objectives:

This project aims to achieve sovereignty in the health sector by creating a French real time PCR machines (DM DIV) intended for health professionals to enable them to make a diagnosis within an hour after consultations and isolate the positives;

The aim is to reduce the time between the onset of symptoms and the result of the analysis, to relieve hospitals and allow general practitioners to intervene at the right time to stop the circulation of the virus.

It will allow an annual industrial production capacity of 200 to 500 Sequence robots per year with the possibility of multiplying production if necessary.

ADNucleis is carrying out its industrial transformation with qualified companies in engineering, automation, plastics processing and continues its activity of creating PCR kits with a particular focus on the the respiratory sphere (COVID, GRIPPE, RSV) with 3 kits marked CE and recognised by the ANSM.

This project was supported by

Pr Michel Franck
President of Adnucleis and leader of the POCT project

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