"Adnucleis has enabled us to implement a technical solution that increases our productivity in genomic research by PCR".

Yannick M., Operational Manager
Genotyping/sequencing platform

"At the covid testing platform, Adnucleis allowed us to quickly implement a technical solution increasing our productivity in SARS-CoV-2 research by PCR"
Gwladys S., Covid Services Manager
"Adnucleis has implemented sample extraction purification and PCR plate preparation within the PCR test platform and we benefit from an excellent reactivity thanks to their support team".

Pascal B., Gènes Diffusion

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Brand agnostic

You can integrate our kits, including extraction, purification and amplification for most of the materials already on the market.

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On-demand PCR kits conception

Since 10 years, ADnucleis has worked as an architect to create under request specific detection kits for real time PCR, for Food, Animal Health and Human Health.

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Saves You Time

Saves your times (and money) by integrating our solutions, fom molecular biology kits to robotized material.

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