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Manufacturer of reagents and PCR engineering solutions


The primary objective of ADNucléis is to develop real-time PCR analysis as a standard of analysis.

The company first started in the food industry to reduce the “analysis time” for a faster release of batches on the market.

Years of research have enabled us to advance our technology by combining molecular biology and robotisation of PCR analysis with our SEQUENCE PRO automated system, a robot capable of carrying out the entire PCR analysis (extraction/amplification/results), a “non-dependent operator”, designed and developed to adapt to a wide range of requirements (human health, animal health, self-monitoring in the food and cosmetics industries, etc.).

Why PCR?

At the beginning, PCR was used as a last resort due to its cost and specificity: doctors and veterinarians reserved it for very specific analyses and when they had no other alternatives, in particular for the search for pathogens and viruses in particular. For their part, food industry professionals do not necessarily have in-house expertise in molecular biology.

More than 10 years of work and numerous collaborations with industrialists have enabled us to offer analyses and robotic solutions with a quality of service at very competitive prices.

What are the advantages of ADNucleis?

From qualitative PCR to quantitative PCR, PCR analysis has evolved significantly over the last 20 years. An experienced team of engineers and experts in molecular biology and 15 years of R&D have enabled us to design and manufacture products in France with the following advantages

Speed: first results in 2h30 depending on the nature of the sample.

Adaptability: design of kits on request according to your particular needs.

Professionalism: reliability of results, traceability, security and confidentiality

A dynamic team, available, always in touch with you.

Our laboratory

Newly located in a strategic area and with a surface of 500m2, our new laboratory is divided into 2 parts

a “molecular biology” part and a “robotics” part.

This proximity between our two activities allows a great reactivity, both on the laboratory and engineering levels.

Located in the west of Lyon, a few kilometres from Lyon, ADNucléis benefits from a privileged place in a technical and scientific environment of quality, recognised throughout the world.



Depuis sa création, ADNucleis a su lier de nombreux partenariats de confiance tels:


Projet PCR POCT-21/01/2021

La société lyonnaise ADNucleis est lauréate de l’appel d’offre « Résilience » lancé en 2020 par Bruno Le Maire, Ministre de l’Économie, des Finances et de la Relance ;

A ce titre, le projet PCR First de ADNucleis vise la souveraineté de notre Etat dans le domaine de la santé, par la création d’une filière française de produits de diagnostic par PCR temps réel (DM DIV) destinée à pourvoir aux déficits structurels, en premier lieu les réactifs, ou kits d’analyse dont notre pays était largement dépourvu en février 2020 ;  dans un souci  de résilience  et en réponse aux incitations du gouvernement, ADNucleis sera en  capacité de production industrielle de  plusieurs millions de réactifs année  avec  la constitution d’un stock  minimum de réactifs 1 an post création. Ces kits de diagnostic seront en priorité mis à disposition de notre pays en cas de volonté de dépistage de masse dans une ou plusieurs régions, à un prix très inférieur aux prix pratiqués depuis février 2020.

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