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Dispensing of liquids, preparation of samples, PCR plates, extraction, purification, etc.

Adaptable and customizable supports for all tubes and plates

HeatDeck (ambient temperature at 95°C, dual zone)

MagDeck (for purification of magnetic beads) compatible with 96-well deepwells

Insertion and identification of rack tubes (up to 96 tubes)

Compatibility with universal tips

And more :

Open and configurable system

Interoperability with laboratory software and hardware systems

Interoperability with all real-time PCR reagents on the market

Traceability management from sample tubes to SBS format plates

Automatic generation of PCR plate plans by a barcode scan integrated into the device, etc.



Touch screen accessible in situ or on a remote screen. Analysis and results management interface. Automated interpretation of results

PCR kits

Interoperable with all PCR reagents on the market

Transfert of samples to SBS plates

Extraction et purification


Setup PCR

Transferring samples to microplates 96

18 min to put 96 samples  to a DeepWell 96

Extraction-purification with silica microbeads, optionnal heating bloc and magnetic block : 40 samples within 90mn

PCR plate setup : 10 min for preparing PCR 96 wells (transfer of eluted DNA:RNA + reconstitution and transfert of MasterMix)

Data exchange format PDF (.pdf), Text (.txt), Excel (.csv, .xlsx), LibreOffice Calc (.ods)

X, Y, Z movements with 0.1 mm accuracy <5%, 1mm accuracy < 1 %

Pipetting technology

Standard calibrated Mono + 8-channels pipets

Compatible with standard tips


Automated + manual barcode scanner

Screen – keyboard – mouse in addition to the touch screen

Microplate and DeepWell support – Cone support – 15 position worktop

Optional: customizable supports – Support for 4 trays – Support for 24 x 2ml tubes

Thermal modules – magnetic modules

Connectivity USB, WiFi, Ethernet

Self maintenance with distant assistance

Size – Weight

CE Declaration of conformity

65 cm * 65 cm * 65 cm – 40 Kg

EC 61010-1: 2001

61010-2-81: 2001 / A1: 2003

61010-2-010: 2003

62304: 2006

62366-1: 2015

The pipeting arm contains a mono and a multi (8) channels which can be adapted to every volumes.

The pipets allow a high thoughput for any transfer, extraction, preparation of qPCR, ELISA, NGS prep…

Traceability is managed with barcode scanner and cameras.



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