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qPCR kits and reagents

For 15 years ADNucleis has been designing and manufacturing custom PCR kits, supporting companies wishing to improve their sanitary, food and environmental controls as well as human and animal health professionals.

Our laboratory’s production is ISO 13485 certified and our expert molecular biology team is constantly working to improve in accordance with the standard.

Our PCR kits and reagents can be used independently of our SEQUENCE PRO PCR robot and vice versa: all kits on the market can be adapted to the SEQUENCE PRO subject to a feasibility study.






Our objective at Adnucleis is to make qPCR accessible to all, both in terms of use and price. qPCR offers numerous advantages in all fields, both for food companies, allowing them to identify and quantify their hygiene indicators more quickly, and for human health, to help them deal with medical deserts and the needs of emergency services, which must provide rapid responses to their patients.

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ADNucleis adapts to your needs and designs your kits to order.

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qPCR versus petri dish

qPCR versus petri dish

PCR versus petri dishReal-time PCR is known to allow the isolation, identification and quantification of DNA from bacteria, viruses, parasites, allergens, GMOs in a very short time of about 1 to 3 hours in all fields: food hygiene, animal health and/or human health,...




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