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PCR Project POCT-21/01/2021

The Lyon-based company ADNucleis is the winner of the “Resilience” call for tenders launched in 2020 by Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery;

As such, the PCR First project of ADNucleis aims at the sovereignty of our State in the field of health, through the creation of a French industry of real time PCR diagnostic products (DM DIV) intended to provide for structural deficits, first of all reagents, or analysis kits of which our country was largely deprived in February 2020; In order to be resilient and in response to government incentives, ADNucleis will have the capacity to produce several million reagents per year with the constitution of a minimum stock of reagents one year after creation. These diagnostic kits will be made available to our country as a priority in case of a desire for mass screening in one or several regions, at a price much lower than the prices charged since February 2020.

ADNucleis is carrying out its industrial transformation with private and academic institutions and is continuing its activity in the creation of PCR kits, particularly targeting the respiratory sphere (COVID, GRIPPE, RSV or respiratory syncitial virus, Bordetella responsible for whooping cough); with 4 diagnostic kits for Sars Cov2, accepted by the ANSM, CE marked and reimbursed by the Social Security, the company is resolutely committed to the fight against the virus

The company is also at the origin of the manufacture of PCR robots allowing unqualified personnel to carry out DNA or RNA extraction, gene amplification or PCR proper, without any external intervention or manipulation: the Sequence Pro.

With the ISO 13485:2016 recognition acquired since the beginning of 2018, ADNucleis is a certified manufacturer of In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices (IVDD), guaranteeing the maturity of its project.by Frédéric

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ADNucléis designs PCR diagnostic solutions and automated systems.

Since its creation in 2007, the company’s sole objective has been the dissemination of the PCR technique and the industrialisation of processes to make it more acceptable to users.

Project objectives:

This project aims to achieve sovereignty in the health sector by creating a French
real time PCR machines (DM DIV) intended for health professionals to enable them to make a diagnosis in the
to enable them to make a diagnosis within an hour of consultation and isolate the positives;
The objective is to reduce the time between the onset of symptoms and the result of the analysis, to relieve
hospitals and allow general practitioners to intervene at the right time to stop the circulation of the
the right time to stop the virus from circulating.

It will allow an annual industrial production capacity of 200 to 500 Sequence
robots per year with the possibility of multiplying production if necessary.

ADNucleis is carrying out its industrial transformation with qualified companies in engineering, automation
automation, plastics processing and continues its activity of creating PCR kits with a particular focus on the
the respiratory sphere (COVID, GRIPPE, RSV) with 3 kits marked CE and recognized by the
recognised by the ANSM. As the automatons are particularly greedy in terms of plastic consumables
the objective of the project is to meet this demand with biosourced and biodegradable consumables.
biosourced and biodegradable consumables.

This project has received the support of France Relance

Pr Michel Franck
Président de ADNucleis et porteur du projet POCT

Sous-préfet en charge du Rhône-sud Benoît Rochas (à droite) et Pr Franck PDG ADNucleis (à gauche).


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