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Today, as a manufacturer of SARS-CoV-2 real-time RT PCR kits validated by ANSES, we are developing a range of CE IVD robots capable of performing the entire PCR analysis, from extraction to amplification.

“The SEQUENCE PRO robot is easy to use and designed to be used in emergency departments, EHPADs and medical deserts, where answers must be given and decisions made quickly.

Designed to relieve the medical staff, to give a quick answer to the suffering people, to free the hospital beds often occupied by patients waiting for their results, the PCR SEQUENCE PRO robot gives results in 3 hours where traditional methods require several days.


Kits CE IVDRéférence produitmatrice/prélèvementARN/ADNChimie
Direct RT-PCR Kit for SARS-CoV-2 One Stepnasopharyngeal swabARNTaqman ®
Sars Cov 2 detection kit by Real-Time RT PCRnasopharyngeal swabARNTaqman ®

Kit SANTE HUMAINE pour la recherche

Adénovirus CAV-1ADNnasopharyngeal swabx
Adenovirus CAV-2ADNEDTA bloodx
Anaplasma phagocytophilumADNEDTA bloodxx
Anaplasma spp.ADNEDTA bloodxx
Babesia caballiADNEDTA bloodx
Babesia spp.ADNEDTA bloodxxx
Bartonella spp.ADNEDTA bloodxx
Bordetella bronchisepticaADNnasopharyngeal swabxxx
BornavirusARNEDTA blood/spinal fluidxxx
Borrelia burgdorferi slADNEDTA bloodxxx
Brucella spp.ADNEDTA bloodxxx
CalicivirusARNEDTA blood, nasopharyngeal swabx
Chlamydia spp.ADNeye swabx
Chlamydophila abortusADNvaginal swabx
Clostridium perfringensADNrectal swabxxx
Canine CoronavirusARNrectal swabx
Coxiella burnetiiADNEDTA bloodx
Cryptosporidium spp.ADNrectal swabxx
Ctenocephalides spp.ADNskin scrapingxxx
DemodexADNskin scrapingxx
Ehrlichia canisADNEDTA bloodxxx
Ehrlichia spp.ADNEDTA bloodx
Giardia intestinalisADNrectal swabxx
Canine herpes virusADNnasopharyngeal swabx
Equine herpes virus 1ADNnasopharyngeal swabx
Equine herpes virus 4ADNnasopharyngeal swabx
Feline herpes virusADNeye swab/nasopharyngeal /vaginalx
Influenza type AARNnasopharyngeal swabxxx
Klebsiella pneumoniaeADNurine/bronchoalveolar fluidxxx
Leishmania infantumADNEDTA bloodxx
Leishmania spp.ADNEDTA bloodx
Leptospira spp.ADNEDTA bloodx
Canine distemperARNeye swabx
Malassezia pachydermatisADNskin scrapingxx
Mycoplasma felisADNeye swabx
Mycoplasma haemofelis/canisADNEDTA bloodx (canis)x (felis)
Mycoplasma spp.ADNUrine/EDTA blood/saliva...xx
Neospora caninumADNLCS/organs/placentaxx
Canine parvovirusARNbronchoalveolar fluidx
Parvovirus caninADNrectal swabx
Feline parvovirusADNrectal swabx
Pseudomonas aeruginosaADNx
Rickettsia spp.ADNEDTA bloodxxx
Salmonella enteritidisADNrectal swabxx
Salmonella spp.ADNrectal swabxx
SARS-COV-2ARNeye swabx
Theileria equiADNEDTA bloodx
Theileria spp.ADNEDTA bloodxxx
Toxoplasma gondiiADNEDTA bloodxxx
Tritrichomonas fœtusADNrectal swabx
Viral Arteritis VirusARNEDTA bloodx
Minute Virus ADNsperm/vaginal swab or rectal swabx

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