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Cosmetic companies face the same problems as food companies: contamination of their finished products.

However, the source of the contamination must be determined: contamination of raw materials? Surfaces? Machines?

Many precautions are taken to avoid all types of contamination, but unfortunately we are forced to note that they are becoming more and more frequent and more violent.

Thanks to Adnucleis’ new technology, real-time PCR robotics and associated PCR kits, acceptable prices and results in less than 3 hours, cosmetic companies will be able to perform routine PCR analysis directly on their production line, in order to prevent major waste and release their batches faster.

A great step forward for the industry and great opportunities for cosmetics.

Cosmetics qPCR kits

Mould yeast qPCR kitsMéthodePrincipeRéférence produitmatrice/prélèvement
Total mould/yeast kitTaqman ®ADNPRO_A_FunYearaw materials and finished products
Candida spp.Taqman ®ADNPRO_A_CanSppraw materials and finished products
Bacterias qPCR kits
Total bacteriaTaqman ®ADNHQS_A_FloTot_48/96Rraw materials and finished products
Pseudomonas aeruginosaHQS_A_PseAer_48/96Rraw materials and finished products
Staphylococcus aureusHQS_A_StaAur_48/96Rraw materials and finished products
Escherichia coliHQS_A_EscCol_48/96Rraw materials and finished products

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