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Food companies are subject to stringent sanitary controls in order to protect the health of consumers.

To date, the industrial reference method used for the detection of micro-organism contamination is based on microbiological culture: Petri dish and incubation (3 to 7 days).

The qPCR allows the detection and quantification of a small amount of starting DNA (less than 10 copies).

Thanks to Adnucleis, it is now possible to carry out routine self-monitoring, directly on the production lines, to test your raw materials and finished products in real time.

Real-time PCR allows, among other things, to specify and quantify the yeasts and moulds that contribute to the degradation of finished products and/or the alteration of organoleptic properties.

15 years of research and development have finally made it possible to offer qPCR at the price of traditional methods, a great advance for manufacturers who wish to save time and preserve the quality of their products.

Find out more:

Adnucleis study for Groupe O.: quantitative PCR detection for the evaluation of microbiological contamination in industrial pastry fillings. Read more…

Yeast/mould qPCR kits

KitsMéthodePrincipeRéférence produitmatrice/prélèvement
FungiTaqman ®ADNPRO_A_FUNYEAfood fodder
Total bacteriaTaqman ®ADNHQS_FLOTOT_48/96Rfood

Hygiene and pathogen qPCR kits

Kits pathogènesMéthodePrincipe
E. coli Stx1Sybr ®
E. coli Stx2Sybr ®
E. coli eaeaSybr ®
E. coli O157:H7Taqman ®
E. coli H7Taqman ®
E. coli O157Taqman ®with IPC
E. coli O157Taqman ®
E. coli O26Taqman ®
E. coli O111Sybr ®
E. coli O103Taqman ®
E. coli O104Taqman ®
E. coli H4Taqman ®
E. coli O104:H4Taqman ®
Salmonella spp.Taqman ®
HQS Salmonella spp.Sybr ®
HQS Cronobacter spp.Sybr ®
Giardia intestinalisTaqman ®with IPC
Cryptosporidium spp.Taqman ®with IPC
Legionella spp.Taqman ®with IPC
Legionella pneumophilaTaqman ®with IPC
Legionella pneumophila serotype1Taqman ®
Listeria monocytogenesTaqman ®with IPC
Staphylococcus aureusTaqman ®

Agro-food indicators kits

Species indicator kitsMéthodeRéférence produit
EukaryotesTaqman ®HQS_Eucar_tqm
OxTaqman ®HQS_BF_tqm
HorseTaqman ®HQS_CH_tqm
SheepTaqman ®HQS_MO_tqm
PigTaqman ®HQS_PC_tqm
GoatTaqman ®HQS_CV_tqm
LeporidaeTaqman ®HQS_LP_tqm
TurkeyTaqman ®HQS_DD_tqm
ChickenTaqman ®HQS_PL_tqm
DuckTaqman ®HQS_CN_tqm
GooseTaqman ®HQS_OIE_tqm
MammalianTaqman ®HQS_MAM_tqm
GalliformesTaqman ®HQS_GaL_tqm
FishTaqman ®HQS_PS_tqm

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