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ICP-MS analysis

List of items sought in the table below:

Delivery of the results by e-mail 15 working days after receipt of the package.

The results will be sent by email (please fill in the order form)

Sampling protocol:

– Cut or trim the hair flush with the skin, preferably in an unsullied area such as the flat of the ribs.

– Shorten the hair to 2 cm in length, keeping only the part closest to the skin.

– Mix all the hairs collected and place 5 to 10 g (about a handful – 2g to 3g for dogs and cats)

– The analysis can be performed on EDTA blood (1 ml)

– Make out an order form for each sample and send it in a sealed freezer bag in a bubble envelope.

– If there is more than one order form, make a global cheque.

Laboratory address:

ADNUCLEIS Laboratory Parc Cap Ouest, 24B rue du Stade, 69290 Grézieu la Varenne

For any request for additional elements, please contact the laboratory: +33(0)4 78 56 79 36

Additional requests are possible in the list below:

Autres éléments
Be (Bérylium)
V (Vanadium)
Ge (Germanium)
Sr (Strontium)
Pt (Platine)
Au (Or)
Ag (Argent)


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