DNA Extraction


ADNucleis PCR products included both DNA Purification/Extraction kits, or DNA Extraction kits (depends on the matrices), and DNA PCR in real time Amplification kits.

1. DNA Purification/extraction kit contains:

extraction buffer

 DNA Extraction Kits  References  Specificities
 Food matrices  HQS_ExtractP  Microbeads or columns for AFNOR kits
 Food matrices  HQS_PVG_F  Microbeads
 Species’indicator matrices  HQS_Extract Vd  Microbeads
 Blood- semen  HQS_PVG_F  Microbeads
 Simple water  HQS_Extract E  Microbeads

For complexes matrices (all matrices except simple water), reagents purification (BM/COL, wash buffer 1, 2 et 3 for BM, elution buffer)

 DNA Purification Kits  References  Specificities
 Columns  HQS_purif_Col  AFNOR Kit
 Microbeads  HQS_purif_BM

2. DNA amplification Kit contains:

  • Premix PCR adapted to the target
  • Taq (several types of taq)
  • Reverse transcriptase (for RNA extraction)
  • IPC (or EPC depending the targets)
  • DNA standard
 DNA Extraction Kit 0,3 euros excl. taxes
 DNA Purification Kit 1,7 euros excl. taxes
 DNA Extraction-Purification kit/sample (except simple water 2,1 euros excl. taxes
 DNA Amplification Kit (for 1 target) 2,1 euros excl. taxes
 Per additional target 2,1 euros excl. taxes

DNA extraction and PCR amplification kits prices vary in function of the target organisms and the number of kits purchased per year.
Indicatives prices for 1000 kits minimum.
Other quantity ask device via contact form
Exemple : 1 sample with 5 targets
Targets with quantification : Total flora + E. coli + Staphylocoques + Pseudomonas + Listeria spp.

Price for DNA extraction-purification: 2,1€ excl. taxes
Price for DNA amplification and quantification: 5×2,1=10,5 euros excl. taxes
12,6€ excl. taxes