ADNucleis provides automation, for PCR sample prep, with features including the following:

  • DNA and RNA extraction and purification with silica microbeads or columns,
  • Plate preparation, for an input of 1 to 3 sample plates and an output of up to 3 PCR plates,
  • Shaking, cooling and heating steps.

Thanks to its innovative algorithms and washing processes, ADNucleis platforms perform protocols with a decontamination step in order to avoid the change of tips. The process launches automatically when needed, the user-friendly software allows the operator to selects the specific(s) target(s) for which his sample is being prepared, and the robot does the rest.

ADNucleis’ extraction and purification protocols are functional with all robotic pipetting platforms with all the benefits of robotics: repeatability of operations, quality and traceability.

We provide the choice of 2 methods: the faster method with disposable tips (1 minute 30 per sample) or more economically advantageous, without disposable tips with our needle decontamination protocol (3 minutes per sample)

This protocol is compatible with large throughput (up to 100 000 extractions per year per unit).

ADNucleis provides the protocols for extraction and purification by silicon beads or columns, and for the preparation of PCR plates.

Our easy to use, innovative algorithms, allows the operator to easily prepare up to 3 PCR plate from plates of extracted DNA or RNA, with a needle decontamination step with each column change.

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