Automate metrology

Every Day


Wash the 100 mL trays :

  • For the µMB (micro Magnetic Beads) tray, if microbeads remain in the bottom, rince them with isopropanol 70% first.

  • For all tray, wash at 55°C max


Autoclave all the following components:

I. The washing station and pipes

II. The bottle « liquid system » and the bottle « waste ».


Liquide system                                                     waste


Every month


The thermoshaker has a cooling liquid inside that have to be filled every month :

  • unscrew the 2 screws

  • Mont the needle with intermediate holder :


  • Aspirate Inheco liquid from THERMOSHAKE COOLING LIQUID and fill it inside the Thermoshake until you can see it in the filling nozzle.


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