Animal Health


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Targets References Species Details
BVD HQS_BVD_i-tqm Ruminants With IPC
Coxiella burnetii HQS_FQ_i-tqm Canine/feline/ruminant With IPC
MAP Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis HQS_MAP_i-tqm Ruminant With IPC
Listeria spp HQS_Listsp_sybr Ruminant
HQS Salmonella spp. HQS_Salmo_sybr Birds/ruminant AFNOR
PRRS Virus US and HP (China) strains HQS_PRRS-NA_i-tqm Pork With IPC
PRRS Virus EU strain HQS_PRRS-EU_i-tqm Pork With IPC
Listeria monocytogenes HQS_Listm_i-tqm All species With IPC
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