ADNucleis is a biotechnology company specialized in the conception, production and marketing of rapid diagnostic kits and robotic systems, for quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Our clients are analysis labs, science, research, and biotech companies in the sectors of Human Health, Animal health and Food.

ADNucleis is compliant with ISO 13485.

Main areas of expertise and technologies mastered by the company:

Design and manufacture of real-time PCR kits
Implementation of robotic analytics systems

Nucleic acid extraction and purification kits
Design of primers and DNA probesSequencing

Principales cibles :



Antibiotic resistance genes

Species indicators

Hygien indicators

ADNucleis history

ADNucleis company gathers experimented experts with more than 15 years of experience as well as junior biologists specialized in molecular biology, chemistry, and genetics.

As an innovative start up, ADNucleis focused its R&D actions on rapid genes extraction and amplification methods.

ADNucleis was first created to answer manufacturers’ questions on the way to improve the sanitary quality of their products, to promote their processes and to benefit from analysis in full discharge. The company meets the needs of the agro-food industry involving the improvement of laboratories’ methods by adopting molecular biology practices. This constitutes a necessary revolution to meet consumers’ expectations.

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