The first objective of ADNUCLEIS was to develop PCR analysis within the food industry in order to reduce the “analysis time” for a faster release of batches on the market. Years of research have allowed us to advance our technology by combining molecular biology and robotization of PCR analysis with our SEQUENCE PRO robot, a robot capable of performing the entire PCR analysis (extraction/amplification/results), a “non-dependent operator”, designed and developed to adapt to multiple demands (self-monitoring of the agri-food, cosmetics, animal health, human health, etc. industries).

Why PCR ?

In the early days, PCR was used as a last resort due to its cost and specificity: veterinarians reserved it for very specific analyses and when they had no other alternatives, in particular for the search for pathogens and in particular viruses. For their part, agri-food professionals had to deal with regulatory constraints that were difficult to change.

More than 10 years of work and numerous collaborations with industrialists have enabled us to offer analyses and robotic solutions with a quality of service at very competitive prices

What are the benefits of ADNucleis?

From qualitative PCR to quantitative PCR, PCR analysis has evolved considerably over the last 20 years. 15 years of R&D added to Professor Michel Franck’s expertise in the agri-food, human health and animal health sectors, have made Adnucleis a reactive and efficient company:

Speed: from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on the nature of the sample

Adaptability: Design of kits on request according to your particular needs.

Reliability of results, traceability, security and confidentiality

A dynamic team, available, always in touch with you.

Our Lab

Newly located in a strategic area and with a surface of 500m2, our new laboratory is divided into 2 parts:

a “molecular biology” part and a “robotics” part.

This proximity between our two activities allows us to be very reactive, both in terms of laboratory and engineering.

Located in the west of Lyon, a few kilometres from Lyon, Adnucleis benefits from a privileged position in a high quality technical and scientific environment, recognised throughout the world